About Pizzicar Galante

pizzicar galante

Despite its recent foundation, the ensemble Pizzicar Galante has already established itself as one of the most dynamic period ensembles specializing in galant music for mandolin and basso continuo and is regularly invited to festivals all over Europe and abroad. The name of the ensemble comes from the Italian ‘Pizzicare’, which evokes the transparent, sparkling sound of the plucked strings. Described as ‘excellent soloists forming a very solid duo, characterized by a thorough performance resulting from intense and in-depth studies’ (‘Critica Classica’, 2014), the core members Anna Schivazappa (baroque mandolins) and Fabio Antonio Falcone (harpsichord) are curious and passionate musicians who enthusiastically work together since 2012. For specific projects, the ensemble expands to include a variable number of musicians coming from some of Europe’s leading music institutions, including gamba player Ronald Martin Alonso and theorbist Daniel de Morais. The scholarly background of the musicians ensures knowledge of historical performance practice, combined with a special commitment to the rediscovery of forgotten repertoires and composers. Sensitive to the necessity of conveying music as a living dialogue to their audiences, the members of the ensemble share a common energy which echoes in their lithe and vibrant playing. Pizzicar Galante’s first album, including the world premiere recording of Roberto Valentini’s complete mandolin sonatas, has been released in August 2016 by Brilliant Classics. The CD, which has already been praised by the specialized press, has been recently broadcast by international radio stations such as RAI Radio 3, the Spanish National Radio and the BBC, and has been nominated for the International Classical Music Awards (ICMA) 2017.