Echoes of Arcadia

The mandolin in Rome in the first half of the 18th century.

Rome, 1730. In order to increase their prestige, the noble families strive to hire the best artists of their time, and the Eternal City is at the height of its splendor. In this period of great artistic and cultural ferment flourishes the Academy of Arcadia, with the intent to bring art to a classical ideal, and to free it from the artifices and the excesses of the Baroque. In the same years in which the works of Arcangelo Corelli are becoming extremely popular all over Europe, the sonata for mandolin and continuo originates in Rome. Pizzicar Galante invites you to discover one of the most important and fascinating pages in the history of this instrument.

Program :

Roberto Valentini (c. 1674 – 1747)
Sonata in D major Op. 12 n. 6 (Adagio / Allegro / Vivace / Andante / Allegro)
Sonata in G minor Op. 12 n. 4 (Adagio / Allegro / Andante / Allegro)
Sonata in D minor Op. 12 n. 2 (Adagio / Allegro / Adagio (Amorosa) / Allegro)

~ intermission ~

Pietro Giuseppe Gaetano Boni (first half of the 18th century)
Sonata in A major Op. 2 n. 1 (Preludio Largo / Corrente Allegro / Sarabanda / Allegro)
Sonata in D minor Op. 2 n. 2 (Largo / Allegro Giga / Allegro)
Roberto Valentini (c. 1674 – 1747)
Sonata in E minor Op. 12 n. 5 (Adagio / Allegro / Largo / Allegro)

Valentini: Mandolin sonata op. 12 n. 6 – Adagio (LIVE on Radio France)